Heavy Summer

I just checked and there’s technically another month of summer. But it doesn’t feel that way. This summer for me was about two huge events that took up plenty of time. One was prepping for a very difficult Kenpo test. The other was my duties as Associate Producer in charge of community outreach for the Sacred Fools 17th Season Launch Party: CAUGHT DARKLY DREAMING. In between those two events, I bounced back and forth between two writing projects I’ve been developing. It sounds manageable and I guess it was, but man, I’m glad it’s all over.

The day of my Kenpo test, my fiance Jen and I took our beloved cat Owen in for surgery. He had cancer in his leg and the best way to ensure him a good shot of survival was to amputate it. So we dropped Owen at the animal hospital. He has a heart condition, too, so any procedure is stressul for us. This one? Lots of crying.

That night, I went in for my test. Suffice to say, I got my ass kicked. But I faced it like a warrior, which is the point. Afterwards, the weight of the test and Owen’s procedure hit me like a ton of bricks. More crying.

Owen came through just fine, but his recovery was pretty stressful for us. Just as he turned a corner for the better, we woke up one morning and found that our littlest kitty Dia had snuck over the wall first thing and been killed by a coyote.

Shattering grief. Weeping. It was terrible. Still terrible. It if wasn’t for the outpouring of love and support from our friends and family, I don’t know what we would’ve done.

A week later, this past Saturday, was the launch party at Sacred Fools. There were plenty of people who worked much harder than I had to, but for me, It was exhausting because I had to put mental energy towards it when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball for a while and hide in our house. But the party was a rip-roaring success, an endless night of fun, dancing, art, games, food, all of it raising money for a fantastic theater company that I’m proud to call home.

And now, for me, summer’s at an end. The test is behind me. The party’s a wrap. Owen’s on the mend. We are still grieving for poor Dia and always will.

Now I’m looking ahead at the last few months of the year. Some dear friends are getting married. We’ll be doing a short trip with some family. Then the holidays are here. This is usually the time when I buckle down and get very focused on the work I’d like to finish before the year’s up. And this one’s no exception. Except now there’s this sense of relief. It was a heavy summer.

Jen, Owen, our other cat Luna, our lovely home, our amazing friends and family — there’s so much to be grateful for. Yes, there is grief and exhaustion of the soul. But summer’s over and there’s work to be done.

Time to get started.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Summer

  1. Geri Elsasser

    So glad you are back blogging, Bob. (Wow–alliteration gone wild.) Your entries are informative and more than that, entertaining and, in this case, heart-wrenching. I always wonder about people I meet that say they don’t like dogs or cats. What kind of people don’t like dogs or cats? I know there are “dog people” and “cat people.” I like both, although I have owned mostly dogs. A big disappointment right now is that I rent one room in a three-bedroom apartment in Queens. I can’t have pets, and indeed, even if I could, I would not want to relegate a pet to only one room. (I dislike being relegated to one room, but have no choice at this point.) It’s the first time in my adult life that I haven’t had at least one pet. I miss this so much, but live hopefully, so that maybe, someday, I will get to live somewhere where I can have a pet of some kind. I guess the only thing I actually like about not having a pet is the occasional thoughts that pet-owners have that the pet will not live forever or can become ill. Your loss this summer brought those thoughts back to me. I could go through all those reasons why losing a pet is sometimes more upsetting than losing a person, but you know all those reasons. I can only hope that Dia died instantly, which I expect she did, since predators work quickly. I am glad Owen is recovered. I assume he’s mastered the art of walking on three legs; animals are great at things like that. So nice that you admit to crying alot over your pets. Some men won’t own up to this. I think the best men are the ones who cry over pets. Frankly, I wonder about those who don’t.

    On another subject, you may remember that I wrote a number of teleplays for “White Collar.” Still no luck getting an agent so they might have a chance of being read by Jeff Eastin, who seems to have all but disappeared from Twitter these days. I expect “Graceland” takes up most of his waking moments now. “White Collar” seems to have become a stepchild. WC did hire another writer recently–another male. I shared an article from the Writers’ Guild with Lexi McNalley that offered recent statistics regarding the number of male TV writers vs. female TV writers. I believe Lexi is now the only female writer on “White Collar”, since Channing Powell left. Since such a large portion of WC’s audience is women, I think perhaps that’s a mistake. (I note that “Castle,” also with a huge female following, has 12 writers, and half of them are women.) But I digress. I wanted to mention that I sent a three-act play I wrote last year to Sacred Fools. It’s called “Izzie’s Dilemma.” I don’t know if you are on their reading committee, but I would love to have your input if you do work within this section of the Company.

    Thanks for getting back to blogging, and regards to your fiancee and the rest of the menagerie!

  2. Yana

    Hello Bob,

    Is there a chance I could read one of your produced screenplays?

    Thank you in advance for your reply,

    All the best,



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