I’m not a fan of making New Year’s resolutions. They’re usually about creating a new habit (like going to the gym) or breaking an old habit (devouring brie like it’s my job). Making positive changes in your life is an awesome thing, but the problem with making a “resolution” is the instant understanding that it’s only a matter of time until you break it. It’s usually accompanied by a smile and a shrug as we say, “wow, made it two days without eating all that brie”.

Why play a game with a built-in excuse for failing?

I’m much more inclined to make goals for the new year, quantifiable things that I can track. That way, if I’m falling short, I can check in with myself, kick myself into gear. But it shouldn’t be the kind of thing that if you fall off the wagon and don’t make it to the gym as much as you said you would, then you throw up your hands and give up for the year. Accomplishing anything worthwhile is accompanied by tons of failure and setbacks. That’s what it makes it worthwhile, the obstacles we overcome to get where we’re going.

That said, I kinda need to make a resolution and yes, I know, I just bitched and complained about the whole concept. But this isn’t anything earth-shaking or even very hard. It’s just something I’d like to focus on this year. And that’s blogging more.

I like doing this, I really do, but my problem is that I let blog ideas percolate for a while and by the time I get around to writing them, it takes forever. And in order to avoid blowing an entire day doing it, I just give up and skip posting at all.

That’s a bad habit I’d like to break.

The answer for me is simple. I’m going to write shorter blogs. I’m going to write them fast. And I’m going to post them right away. I could quantify this, say I’m going to post x-amount in 2014. But then I run the risk of failing early and getting frustrated.

So instead, a simple resolution: to be better at this.

Faster. Shorter. Immediate. And….


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