Sundance by the numbers

Number of times I’ve attended the Sundance Film Festival, including this year: 9

Days we attended this year: 4

Films we saw this year: 5

Amount of films we usually see: 7 to 10

Amount of time we spent cursing the terrible new waistlist system: too much

Elijah Wood sightings this year: 2

Elijah Wood sightings (lifetime): 5

Percentage chance that I’m stalking Elijah Wood: 50

Percentage chance that Elijah Wood is stalking me: 50?

Celebrity sightings in bathrooms: 2 (Michael C. Hall and Dane DeHann)

Random run-ins with friends whose names are musical styles: 2 (Disco)

Days we skied: .5

Parties/lounges attended: 8

Meals where we actually sat down and ordered food: 2

Meals where we were standing at parties eating off tiny plates: lost count

Free drinks: a billion?

Celebrity encounters: 1 (ended up strolling next to Joshua Jackson. Told him we missed “Fringe”. He smiled and hustled away – into another dimension perhaps?)

Great movies we saw: 1 (Dead Snow 2, an incredibly entraining horror/comedy about nazi zombies)

Pretty good movies we saw: 2 (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night – the best black and white Iranian vampire movie ever made – and Cooties – a horror/comedy about teachers trapped in a  school during an outbreak of a virus that turns children into mutant cannibals – really)

‘Meh’ movies we saw: 2 (War Story and Foxy Merkins, though the latter wins for coolest title of the year)

Star-making moments witnessed: 1 (Ana Lily Amirpour, the writer/director of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, gave a Q&A after her film that was electric, ballsy, and loaded with sass. The second biggest disappointment of the festival, after the new wait list system, is that my fiancee didn’t get to hug her)

Roommates sharing our two-bedroom with a loft condo: 6

Roommates who got the dreaded Sundance plague: 1 (me)

Days it’s had me in its grip: 7?

Day I’m finally feeling almost human: today

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