I’ve done some interviews and podcasts. These cover most of the “breaking-in” type questions. Short answer: there is no one way to break in.

Out of the Blue, 2015 (actor/writer David Blue has a great podcast where he talks to his friends about working in Hollywood. David and I have coffee every once in a while and talk shop, and this episode is the equivalent of eavesdropping at one of our “coffee-talks”.)

MattYoungScript, 2015 (20 questions with my good friend and working screenwriter Matt Young)

TV Writer Podcast, 2012 (I’m not a fan of the phrase “breaking-in”. I discuss why on this podcast)

Guest blog on, 2010 (I read “Save The Cat” while writing “Killers”. Thank you, Blake…always.)

The Orlando Sentinel, 2010 (hometown boy makes good!)

Killers EPK, 2010 (the guy who edited this is a very good kickball player. Just thought you should know)

Storylink, 2010 (people wrote in with questions, I answered them!)

Screenwriting from Iowa, 2010 (It’s easy to rag on a movie with bad reviews, but Scott took a deeper look. I’m glad he did).

Stormblog, 2009 (This is a pretty thorough interview about me getting started in the industry. Jim’s the best!)