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Process (Part 1)

I’m in a great writers group with a bunch of close friends. Everyone’s really talented and experienced at writing in one format or another, but someone who wanted to try writing his first feature was having a tough time getting started. That’s when the lightbulb went off: we’d been offering support, reading each other’s work, but when it came to the nuts and bolts of our craft, we weren’t really sharing our processes. So as an exercise, many of us wrote documents explaining the process for the type of writing we were most experienced at in order to share with the group. I’ve been a professional feature writer for over a decade now so I wrote a document about my feature writing process. I thought it might be interesting to share it here, and I recorded a podcast today in which I vowed to do exactly that, so here it is. It’s long, so I’m splitting the document into three posts. Here’s part one!

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Soft Opening

This is my new blog. I should’ve written up a nice juicy post before figuring out all that domain stuff that probably brought you here. I’ll get to it, but for now, just know that I’ll be posting random musings on my attempts to live a fulfilling, creative life in this bizarre hurricane we call “show business”. I’ll chat about screenwriting, probably more the business side than the craft. I’ll probably also make mistakes along the way. I’m serious here, my cats could probably put together a WordPress site in less time than it took me. I’m not a fast learner, but I do learn. So I ask for your patience as we head into the unknown. Just know that we’re in this together.