Where Bob DeRosa comes from, nice guys finish first. The Florida-born screenwriter recently co-created the award-winning horror/comedy web series “20 Seconds To Live”. He previously wrote for the hit USA show “White Collar”. His film credits include Lionsgate’s action-comedy “Killers” and director Jieho Lee’s crime-drama “The Air I Breathe”.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Bob returned home to Orlando and became a leading figure in the city’s thriving theatre and film community. In addition to co-founding the award-winning comedy troupe THEM, Bob spent three years programming for the Florida Film Festival. After relocating to Los Angeles, Bob wrote two evenings of one-act plays and is a regular contributor to the ongoing late-night series “Serial Killers” at Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood. His first full-length play “All The Best Killers Are Librarians” was nominated for Best Comedy at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

When he’s not writing, Bob studies Kenpo karate and spends time with his amazing wife Jen and their three kids, who look suspiciously like cats.

4 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Steve Moore

    Hi Bob! This is Steve Moore, you & Keith’s Karate teacher 30 years ago…….your life has really turned out unique & interesting……I switched my life 20 yrs ago and have been a fulltime guitarist…… does your Mom still live in Orlando? I thought I saw her at Whole Foods 10 yrs or so ago…..she didn’t reconnize me so I didn’t say anything if so

  2. Greg

    Greg DePaul here. I’m a produced screenwriter (Bride Wars, Saving Silverman). I wonder if you know my friend Troy Blendell, an actor who’s done stuff at Sacred Fools.
    Anywho, I just came across your site and I dig it. I have a book coming out soon called Bring the Funny: The Essential Companion for the Comedy Screenwriter. Perhaps you might review it on your site?

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